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The aim of Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution; The aim of this course is to educate new generations that will develop and comprehend the spirit and goals of Turkish Revolution. Thus, as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said; "Those who have understood the purpose of the revolution will have the power to constantly protect it".

In order to understand the purpose of the revolution, the Turkish War of Independence, Ataturk Revolution and the Kemalist Thought System to provide accurate information about the History of the Republic of Turkey, it is necessary to educate the youth in line with the Turkish Kemalist Thought System. Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution course took on this task. For the continuity of the Republican regime, the formation of new institutions, the dissemination and development of the Kemalist Thought System and the modernization of our nation, the lessons of Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution are of indispensable importance. In this context, the objectives and objectives of the course can be said.

a) the conditions created by the National Struggle, National Struggle stages of the Turkish Republic of Turkey History of Ataturk's principles and revolutions to provide accurate information about the Kemalist Thought System.

b) To create a consciousness for young people to defend and develop these reforms and principles by ensuring the correct understanding of Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions.

c) State of the Nation and the Republic of Turkey is an indivisible whole country to teach the new generations and to ensure the integration of Turkish youth in this ideal.

d) The Republic of Turkey and Ataturk's principles and revolutions, give accurate information about threats to the Kemalist thought.

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