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Today, Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution course is taught in all Turkish universities since the early years of the Republic with the instruction of Atatürk himself.

Firstly, in 1925, in Ankara Courthouse Law School, Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, in his lectures called "History of Revolution"; He explained the characteristics of the Turkish Revolution and examined the Turkish Revolution comparatively with the other revolutionary movements. The aim of bringing the Republican regime to the people and adopting the revolutions was to give a broader course of Revolution History lessons starting from the 1930s. These courses, which were carried out within the scope of the newly created history thesis and university reform, gained a new impetus with the establishment of a Revolution History Institute at Istanbul University and the Revolution Chair of the Faculty of Law in Ankara. According to the first draft prepared by Reşid Galip, it is stipulated that those who will teach this course should be "Turkish". This decision is undoubtedly influenced by the betrayals of the late Ottoman Empire.

According to the initial preparations, it is planned to give the Institute courses in four sections. Recep Peker part of the revolution related to military and domestic political issues, Mahmud Esad Bozkurt part of the law, foreign policy issues Yusuf Hikmet Bayur and the department of economics Yusuf Kemal Tengirşek will be taught. On March 8, 1934, Mahmud Esat Bozkurt started classes in Ankara and on March 12, 1934, Yusuf Kemal Tengirşek in İstanbul. Lessons related to military and domestic political issues started with the conference of the applicant İsmet İnönü at Ankara Halkevi on 20 March 1934, followed by Recep Peker. The courses were also broadcast on radio and in newspapers, reaching a wider audience.

The responsibility of the Turkish Revolution History course was given to the Türk Institute of Turkish Revolution History kurulan which was established by the Law of 4204, which was adopted on 15 April 1942, and was affiliated to Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. The name of the course "History of the Revolution and the Republic of Turkey Regime" was introduced as a compulsory subject in schools and colleges changing.

After the revolution of May 27, 1960, a number of changes were made to the content of the course. It was decided to teach two semesters in faculties and one year in high schools. The name of the course was changed as Tarihi History of Turkish Revolution bu with the decision of the advisory board of Turkish Revolution History Institute, which was convened on 20 March 1968. On February 1, 1971, the same Institute drafted a new law to revise the purpose, quality, and character of the History of Revolution course to make it more effective and more effective.

After the September 12, 1980 revolution, the name of the course was changed again and "Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolution" was made. In the meantime, some changes were made in the content of the course and a textbook was prepared within the framework of new principles. Subsequently, pursuant to Articles 4 and 5 of Law No. 2547 on 6 November 1981, it was accepted that all Higher Education Institutions should be a compulsory subject during the whole education and training period. In 1990, the duration of the course was reduced again to 1 course year.

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